Friday, January 28, 2011


Salam :)

now meet my friend Mango the owner of

i discovered about her work in 2008

Fliffy's Sticker and Stamp
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My First Commisioned Hand-carved Rubber Stamp
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i did get my blog stickers and stamp
(p.s mango only will take order on stamp now days :)
and love love love it ~
maybe i should get another one this year

some of her works that i like :
you all view all in this label
and order one for you too

1. what is your definition of 'happiness'
2. what inspire you to make beautiful layouts / designs
3. can you please list down 5 fav things of yours
4. what is your hope and dream for the future
5. what is your way to live life everyday

answers :

1. Happiness is being thankful for what we have. Been growing up in a poor family, I've taught myself to appreciate all the simple and small things that came to life. I believe love is more powerful than money. We will be happy if we do something that we love or simply do something to cheer our loved ones.

2. The nature, our daily surroundings and love. God's creations come in the best form of design for our reference. The shades of colors, shapes, lines and texture, everything is freely displayed in front of our eyes. For example, sometimes when I see a tree, I try to imagine how it would look, drawn on paper and the chronology of colors and lines to be used to build up the layers to achieve the picture that I have in mind. Apart of that, I always pay attention to details of almost everything; the packaging of products on a supermarket's shelves, signboards, advertisements, book covers, fabric patterns, textures, vehicle wheels, furnitures, etc.

Whenever something gets to my attention, I like to imagine how it is created, the materials, process and techniques involved or maybe what are the things that inspired the person who produce it. Whenever I want to try something new, I always study it first; from books, websites or online tutorial, get the basic knowledge and my own on-hands-experience. I believe when someone is serious about learning something, they should make efforts rather than just simply ask basic questions from experts.

Apart from these, I think love has been one of my greatest source of inspirations. It is a drive that just simply make me want to keep on creating. I think of my family, friends and even my blog readers. When we put love into our thoughts, we will feel guilty if we do not produce something full-heartedly. I get lots of inspiration from my husband too, he is full of ideas, very dilligent, creative and talented in his own way. Though it may not be in the form of design, but in the form of how I should carry and bring my arts forward. Over the years of knowing him, he has become the person that I look up most to.

3. 1) 0.3 Pentel mechanical pencil 2) a U-wood carving tool with broken tip (mended to the holder with a cotton thread knot)<---this is my first carving tool and I still use it until today eventhough I already have Speedball carving tools now) 3) A brown messenger bag with brightly colored ethnic motives bought in Hanoi 4) Artline pens 5) Campap 300gsm watercolor paper 4.To be more productive and at the same time to be able to give more of myself and spend more quality time for my husband and family. . 5. Life is about living our life for other people. Don't worry if we want something but we can't get it, you will always get it one day. God will give you something better, if not in this life, maybe in heaven :) Thank you very much Fliffy :)

~ ~ ~

she is good friend :)
although we don't even know each other well
i still think she is good friend !