Sunday, January 16, 2011

week 1 january 2011

Salam :)

try my best to at least share some photos week by week
day by day is impossible since i missed taking any on 1st january 2011

the amazing 2 pages
i love that i placed the strips paper behind the photos
and i love all of our smiles :) for sure

page 1 close up
1.we attended retirement dinner for my workplace staffs at megaview hotel, kuantan
2.our weekend lunch outing at the chicken rice shop our fav hang out place to be fav lunch at juara tomyam restaurant..kuey tiau ladna

page 2 close up
4.raining days in the 1st week
5.mia's adore baskin robin's choc chips ice cream
6.posing on daddy's motocycle
7.the 'pondok' made by staffs of my workplace department

all the photos are not in according dates
accept for it all are in the Week 1


still, i captured memories :)

credits :

by : Lindsay Jane