Sunday, January 23, 2011

photo therapy : plants and peoples

this weekend the kids
went to grands house
i had lecture classes.. full
saturday and sunday
and brain washed
and did all the long calculations
what a 'lovely' days

when i went to send them
i suddenly missed to take some photos
at my mom's garden
i love everything
i saw and i just pointed my iphone
and used the instagram for the effect
wallah.... like a pro
i already have the eyes of photographer
come one and donate me a DLSR

and some photos from today
at dinner outing , study and my lil mia


My creation

from left
1. fierce cat at have been around at my mum's place
2. i always adore cute small pattern of plant
3. this hot pink flower it's leaves is caterpillar fav
4. i love the pink strip on these huge leaves
5. looking to grow....
6. like a sea kind of plant
7. mia and i today
8. my 'bekal' during class.. fitness cereal
9. sepit udang.. my sister hate this plant when she was little
10. this is part of mia photo booth picture
11. new ball
12. 2 kinds of leaves
13. orange shade of colors
14. white is pretty...
15. another orange...lovely
16. mia's got new hair cut :)