Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meet http://brendasmithphotography.wordpress.com/

Salam :)

I am a big fan to photographer
any kind
especially family photo , kids and nature


I met Brenda through blog hopping
immediately added her blog to my adorable Google reader


i cannot wait any longer
i sent friendly email to her
about get featured at my blog
she is very sweet to me (total stranger)
without any hesitate she replied my email

i am feeling to happy meeting friendly bloggers
fun things to do in 2011
i hope i can meet and mingle with more bloggers
and Brenda is very fun to share us a bit about her and some tips on photography

have fun reading.. i did !


1. Can you tell me about yourself ?
I am just a SAHM with too many hobbies and not enough time in the day. lol
I love photography, scrapping and sewing. I spend most of my time doing laundry and chasing my 3 year old around. lol
One day I would like to take photos of people for money but right now I am just enjoying it as a hobby.

2. What made you fall in love with photography ?
I love that I can put my memories and my creativity
to paper with my photos. I never want to forget the things and the people who have fascinated me
over the years. Especially my children. :)

3. Can you please list down 5 tools that are essential for a photographer ?
1. a camera. I don't care what kind, brand or how expensive it is. Anyone can take beautiful photos if they try.
2. good editing software! I love my CS3.
3. creative eye. I cannot shoot without my creativity. There are days when creativity fails me and I have
to work really hard to take a good picture.
4. a tripod: I don't know how many times mine has come in handy. I have a full size one and a mini one.
5. a good prime lens if you are shooting with an SLR. I have a 35 MM 1.8 that I cannot live without.

4. What are the basic requirements should a newbie has to be a photographer?
Practice, practice practice! I have not actually started a business yet because I feel I still need
tons of practice. There is always more to learn and until I am comfortable shooting in every
situation. I don't want to say I can and charge for it when I really am not ready. I don't have any classroom
knowledge. I have taught myself everything I know. It is not hard as long as you really want to be good at

5. Can you please show us your most memorable photos and why?
{kaitlyns toes}
My sweet little baby girl's toes. I want to remember how small she is.

I love the moon. I have a fascination with capturing it. lol This is my best shot to date.

My adorable Kiara at 3. She is so full of life and love.
Her smile lights up the room and you are never sad with her around.

{my little elf}
This one is a fave just because she is sooooo cute as an elf. :)

{Rocking my Baby}
I love Kiara's sense of adventure. She can always imagine the most fun things from the simplest of toys.

{kale blue eyes}
Kale...He is a bundle of energy. Always moving. I love this photo because he is actually standing still
and I was able to capture his more serious side. And of course his lovely eyes.

Thank you soooo much for asking me to share a little of me. I am very honored!


these beautiful images are photographed by brendasmithphotography
please do not copy anything without her permission or use it as ours
thanks for your love and kindness readers