Monday, January 10, 2011

about kuey tiaw ladna

Salam and hi :)

i always love to try on anything
accept for egg yolk and milk...yulkk

i love green veggies
and i love mee or flat mee (kuey tiaw)
my current is called kuey tiaw ladna
thick soup made from chicken soup with a lil bit of corn flour
seafood mixed with veggies and flat mee
and a touch of bird chillis super hot... !
i can eat it everyday :)

it just came through my mind
the layout below is not kuey tiaw ladna
but the flat mee is covered with egg
so it called kuey tiaw kungfu...hahahaha haiiyak !


credits :

Vegetarian by Studio Q

kuey tiaw kungfu

kuey tiaw tomyam

not finished yet,
last time a was crazy with our cafe
kuey tiaw tomyam
super hot tomyam with flat mee
i missed this dish
the makcik who sold it moved to sell outside the campus
too far away to go just for a quick lunch

yummy kan ?


leave you all here drooling hehehe