Thursday, January 13, 2011

more photos from work :)

Salam :)

i am at the lathe workshop
this is 30 mins break for breakfast
i did take mine
so i ending up to write here
i captured some photo from work
that i really like to share with you
Iphone really makes my photo skill
impromptu and spontaneousness
easy ! i likey ~
i browse using my hubby alternative prepaid
subcribe broadband weekly for rm18 (celcom)
since the office wifi blocked flickr
i need it once in a while hehe

i need just to chill a bit
tired of validation but happy it ended well
to remind myself
i strive everything i could
now is all depend on Him
'kalau ade rezeki, insyaAllah..'

my photo therapy begin with :

these are the carbide tool holder for lathe machine

snack..kerepek pisang

view from the student building
our main mechanical eng dept staf and lab building

our monthly meeting with head of department

my adorable and sexy red workdesk

quick bye for now !