Saturday, January 1, 2011


I am trilled to introduce you my blogger friend of mine
it just went well
i saw her name in (green) last night
at the FB chat place
i called upon her
and threw my idea
of her being the first one to featured in my blog
she jumped into happy mood
easy going girl

please go and share love at her place :


1. Can you please introduce yourself /
boleh perkenalkan diri saudari ?
masliza aka mass. gonna be 28 this coming 22nd Jan.
ℒℴνℯ :
✿ ✿ pink. brown. polka dots. perfume. 2 & 8. kawaii. digiscrapping. life. wonderful friends. ✿ ✿
✖✖ Black. Lipas!.

2. What drive you into blogging world /
apakah yang mendorong saudari menceburi dunia blogging ?
me, myself & i. just wanna share you my interests. I started blogging almost three years (this May) ago on blogspot and I still can recall how anxious I was to share my very first entry on my blog here

3. What are your inspiration to write in your blog /
apakah inspirasi saudari untuk menulis di blog ?
I am very passionate about my interests and love to elaborate on topics, i love scrapbook and i love photos. therefore, it it important for me to include photos in every entry. what a magazine without photos ? yes, i am a writer to my magazine. it's my magazine. i find it therapeutic and blogging changed my life.. Haha.

4. What is your dream and hope for the future /
apakah impian dan harapan saudari di masa hadapan ?
more, more, more new friends. learn new things. cherish life. love more. and every second of happiness.

5. List down 5 most fav items of yours and why /
bolehkan saudari senaraikan 5 barang kesayangan saudari dan mengapa ?
e72 - senang, bangun pagi bukak mata terus check twitter & mail.
my lappy - oh scrapbook ! photoshop !
my bling2 camera - i love photos !
perfume - i'm an addict !
nintendo ds =)

your blog address / nama blog dan alamat :

words for the day / ucapan hari ini :
Thank you ya Fliffy featured kat sini =)

i love her hard work in digiscrap
she is growing and creative in her own ways
everything is pretty at her blog
and i love how that she showcasing her layouts big
so i just can be amaze by each of it

thanks mass

keep up ok