Friday, January 21, 2011


Salam :)

I am very honoured to have teacher Jessy featured here
she is amazingly creative and dreamy
i love her layering techniques in paper scrapping
her style is very interesting and fun !
let's meet my dear scrap friend
Jessy the owner of


My questions to Teacher Jessy

1. what is your definition of 'happiness'
2. what inspire you to make beautiful layouts / designs
3. can you please list down 5 fav things of yours
4. what is your hope and dream for the future
5. what is your way to live life everyday

Here are my answers to your questions...

1. Happiness to me is I am able to go to bed and get up next day with the person I loved, that'd be Mr Handsome each day :)

2. My inspirations come from everywhere. It can be from browsing magazines/blogs to the things that I observe while I am driving.

3. My 5 fav things are my fur babies (cats), patterned papers, owl stamps, my work & food!

4. I hope that I will be a mum soon. This is my biggest dream!

5. To appreciate the little things in life and live to its fullest. Live like there's no tomorrow!

Attached are link to my layouts and my photo:


what a fun ride to see all those pretty pretty pretty layouts

thanks for this chance Jessy u r adorable and wish you all the best in life