Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Daybook - January Entry

for today... jan 11 , 2011

outside my window
view from the other side of hill
with the cold and cloudy weather
i love it this way

i am thinking
about going through validation process tomorrow ,
requirement for my job promotion
i need to practice to be calm and constant and confidence and smile !

i am thankful for
safe arrival at work
adam recovered from fever
mia wake up early
hubby kissed my cheeks
rabbit are happy at their play ground
1 hour from now is lunch break
today is my day off from lecture
have more time to prepare for tomorrow

i am wearing
my fav black hijjab
my old red baju kurung that i can finally fit perfectly :)
my red sexy G-Shock
comfy shoes
a little glaze of natural color of lipstick

i am going
to have lunch and thinking about another kuey tiaw ladna (again)
yum yum

i am currently reading
my google reader , my blog and my notes for tomorrow

i am hoping
tomorrow will run smootly and i can smile all day after validation

on my mind
i am stuck with simplify my presentation for tomorrow (that's why i am reading this entry)

pondering these words
practice makes perfect !

from the kitchen
i wish we are having one at the office ! hahaha

around the house
(this morning) adam waited for his school van to pick him up and sent him at his school
only took 5 mins to arrived because the school located at the same neighborhood

one of my favorite things
my miss red lappy is always at her best performance !

i'm creating
my brain to work exactly like what i plan for tomorrow

a few plans for the rest of the week
stick to my regular workouts every evening weekdays
cook some meals during weekend
decorate adam dan mia's wardrobe
drink a lot of more water during rain season hehe
blogging and scrapping more
update my laptop with current kits and delete the older ones
smile and smile more
be kind and helpful

from my lens:
i am looking into my own heart :)

credits for the questions at here
come and join