Sunday, January 18, 2009

my new CT : Julie Marie Designs

Salam and Hi :)

i got an invitation to be in her team
so here i am
so glad that she like my works..hee hee
at first i was scared
not to be able to dload at her shop
but after trying for sometime
it did work at 6am this morning
i had no class today so i scrap my heart out..
again ~

thanks julie marie

Love Hearts by Julie Marie Designs

Rainbow Heart by Julie Marie Designs

Victorian Rose by Julie Marie Designs

thanks for coming,,
some of you asked for tutorial
for beginner
i cannot promise anything..
but ill put my effort on that
but i can always browse my fabulous / freebies links
at the right side bar..for tutorials
made by others...
maybe you can start here
Free Photoshop Tutorials !

i experienced this problem before
but after doing a lot of browsing and searching
i found that a lot of forums gave out free tutorials
to polish our skill .. have fun !!
not too late to start, ya..