Saturday, January 31, 2009

my scrap layouts... ^o^

Salam and hi :)
i just came back from class

before i went
mia's eyes were in tears
i had to wipe those sweet tears
and told her mama will be going just for a while..

after that
she sat on my lap
and watch tv with babah
adam is already in his dream...

to release some stress i just sit here
and doing ct works..
i just love to see lots of inspirations
and below are few from me..

Color Me Happy
Colabs by Matahati Designs and JanaM

SO February Mystery Mega by Scrap Orchard Designers

Feels Like Home
collaboration from Becky of B~Creative Designs and Kami of Ziggle Designs

SO February Mystery Mega by Scrap Orchard Designers

i am like to play with colors and fun designs
that's why i am so into this digital scrapbooking thingy

happy days everybody
p/s i am going to count my last year of pages
and pick out a lucky winner (read here)