Tuesday, August 5, 2008

big heart :) and Gis Giveaway !!!

Salam and hi !
last month i hosted an editing challenge
a simply black and white :)
thanks girls for ur entries and love
and congrats to the winners !
my fellows at lovescrap are bz with their
one and only Queen Lovescrap Challenge

Tq semua sebab masuk challenge fliffy yang kecik ini...
seronok dpt tgk semua piccas ! thanks a lot
i am choosing : sher and deja !!!
congrats !!!
the lucky participant is : farah !!
adam point at your picca dear,, hehe
nanti PM fliffy alamat so dpt fliffy kasi prezzie nye !~
congrats girls : july b&w editing challenge :)

and thanks a lot with heart to Gis
for the new make over of my blog header
she is so amazingly talented !
really love it and appreciated a lot :)

click me !

Gis is doing her give away again
this time she will give out her fabulous mug
just click on the above click me !
read the instruction and leave her comment ok ok
these are some of her amazingly cute mugs ever !

enjoy your day, fliffy miss you like always !
~ hugs ~