Thursday, August 14, 2008

hubby's konvo at UKM :]

Salam and Hi !

a big awaited day for him and us
we really enjoyed our time taking photos
and revisited the university
both of our kids were dropped at my parent's place

we started our 21/2 hours of driving after subuh prayer
before that we brought adam to local clinic
he had diarrhea..poor adam
but he was ok later in the afternoon
after taking few meds

we stopped by at the Zoo Negara
waited for my BIL with my sis
we changed our proper cloth there
and sometime at 12.30 we went straight to Bangi
parked the car and waited outside the hall

the ceremony stated at 1.30++
and ended at 5.00++

then, we went for a late lunch+dinner at my hubby's old apartment
in Kajang his fav restaurant
we ate tomyam, nasi, wrapped egg, keropok and daging masak merah
yummy !!

we stopped by at my Sis (diklah)
she works as a police together with her hubby
she lives in Taman Desa Baiduri in Balakong
at 8++pm we went to nearby Jusco
really tired and sleepy that we went to bed early that night

2nd day,
we went back to the campus
to pick up hubby's scroll and result transcription
stopped by at my Sis office and went to Dunkin Donats at Gombak
we bought adam and lil mia a spongebob balloon :)
that's all
we finally arrived at my parent's place at 2.30 pm
adam and lil mia looked really happy to see us :)

it just the two of us (with my sis as the photo snapper..hehe)
i'll be uploading more photos soon :)
just want to spend my semester break resting with my kiddos
will make some LOs later

congrats hubby ! xoxo

UKM (15231)-B

~ you always be my inspiration ~