Tuesday, August 19, 2008

swap with nana + ina & LO from yong [- u -]

Salam and Hi !
we did a great swap
nana with her jar of summer goodies
(nana made me a really cool frame and put all the things in that cute jar,
i love them all...nana is really a great n fun swapper i known)




ina with her boy+girl goodies
(amazing ina sent me lots of stickers, colourful erasers, colouring books for my adam and lil mia)
i took these swap pictures is morning at my office
then, i went back home to share the swap with adam and lil mia..huhu



nana also gave me a hyppo clipper..so cute
i used it attached with my pendrives
it easier to find them in my handbag

enjoy our swap view...hehe

and dearest ayong made this LO as RAK for lil mia
oohh i love it yong..thanks hunny :)


~ happy day everybody ~